Southards’ Receive Starting Right, Now, 2020 Soul Award

Mike and Amy Southard, founders of Crofton Cares, were recently honored as the recipients of the Starting Right, Now, 2020 Soul Award.  Starting Right, Now is an organization that is working to end homelessness for youth in the Tampa area by providing one-on-one mentoring, a stable home, and assistance with employment opportunities, financial literacy, and educational achievement.  SRN students learn to let go of old behaviors and embrace a new way of being.

“The award represents a metamorphosis of a butterfly, which is very similar to the students’ transformation in Starting Right, Now”, said founder Vicki Sokolik. “SRN is providing for each of our homeless students a safe space to grow in order for them to realize their own potential as a beautiful butterfly.”  She continued, “This year the Soul Award is presented to Mike and Amy Southard, who have financially supported SRN and this year went above and beyond by creating a scholarship for one of the SRN students to attend University of Tampa on a four-year ride.”